IWAS and the Belgian Cats: Together for Equality

IWAS and the Belgian Cats: Together for Equality

IWAS and the Belgian Cats join forces for equality and create unique Upcycled glassware. Discover their inspiring collaboration!

Two teams, one message: Upcycled glassware

IWAS and the Belgian Cats share the same vision of equal opportunities for all. As a result of their collaboration, they have created Upcycled glassware. These glasses feature unique illustrations by Belgian cartoonist Floor Denil and symbolize the message of equality.

IWAS, a company that transforms waste into lifestyle products, and the Belgian national basketball team, the Belgian Cats, have joined forces to spread a message of equality. Discover the unique upcycled drinking glasses that are the result of their collaboration and learn more about their shared commitment to a world with equal opportunities for all.

Upcycled glassware

IWAS: Shop smart, feel good

IWAS transforms waste into high-quality lifestyle products in India and Indonesia. Their mission is to promote sustainability and empower local communities. With the slogan “Shop smart, feel good,” they aim to inspire consumers to make conscious choices and make a positive impact on the world.

Belgian Cats: The team committed to equality

The Belgian Cats are a well-known basketball team that represents Belgium in international competitions. They have made impressive achievements, including winning bronze medals at the European Championships and their participation in the Olympics. But the Belgian Cats are not only successful on the court; they are also committed to equal opportunities inside and outside of sports.

Floor Denil joins the collaboration for the upcycled glassware

Floor Denil has designed four illustrations to bring the equality message to life. These illustrations show the Belgian Cats mascots in funny and recognizable situations. The Upcycled glassware with these illustrations are collectible and limited edition.

A match made in heaven

Basketball is more than a sport for the Belgian Cats; it is a team experience where everyone is equal and works together to achieve a common goal. Partnering with IWAS reinforces their commitment to equality and makes them stronger in their pursuit of a world without prejudice.

Discover the Belgian Cats' upcycled drinking glasses

Contribute to equal opportunities for all. Visit the IWAS website and shop smart to make a difference!
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