Our Story

WAS – Upcycling Waste into Beautiful Products

We Show UP

for the People

We give back by supporting the local communities in India and Indonesia. Not with charity, but by making people stronger with employment, collaboration and education. Changing the world step by step.


We train local, unemployed communities to create our products.

We create economic incentives to ensure sustainability.

We break the cycle of poverty and trash by building a brighter, greener future.

Time for a global UPgrade

We cracked the code for global change. When you buy an IWAS product, you directly support the families of the artisans that made your product. Read more about the community projects that make the upcycled products you love:

DMD UpCycle Designs

DMD Upcycle Designs works together with local communities. In this way, we solve local social problems through employment and education. Our socially responsible approach stimulates new economic incentives and guarantees a long-term benefit for all stakeholders.


SAPU Upcycle is committed to sharing knowledge about sustainable design and local environmental issues. They contribute through upcycling workshops for schools and communities, collaboration with local authorities and the development of sustainable quality products.

XS Project

XSProject is a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of poor families in Jakarta by raising awareness in schools and businesses. Sales of XSProject products support community programs in Indonesia, such as education and healthcare.

minimal waste

hand made with love

we show up for people

think global. not local