Upgrade your space with one-of-a-kind treasures handcrafted from beaten-up bottles and more!

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Our Ethos

There is no planet b, so let's change the world together. With beautiful quality lifestyle products and zero waste In India and Indonesia IWAS upcycles waste to wants! Upping' yesterday's used goods for you to use again tomorrow. And making local people stronger in the process. It is super easy for you to make a difference! Shop smart, feel good.

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The Art of Upcycling

How your special IWAS product is made!


We kick things off by gathering all kinds of discarded gems - old wine bottles, retired tires, used coffee bags - you name it! Nothing's too tired for us to breathe new life into


Next up, our keen-eyed crew sorts through the rescued goods, grouping them by color and material to create gorgeous, cohesive pieces later on


Time for a deep clean! We scrub away any lingering gunk so these babies are squeaky clean and ready for their glowup.


Here's where the magic starts! Our skilled artisans wield their glass-cutting tools like pros, carefully shaping the bottles into vases, glasses, and all sorts of sleek new forms.

Grinding & Smoothing

We smooth out any rough edges left behind, ensuring each piece has a flawless, polished finish.


This crucial step is like a spa day for our upcycled creations. They get to chill out in a kiln while slowly cooling down, which reduces internal stresses and boosts durability

Design & Decoration

The creative juices really start flowing now! Our artisans pull out all the stops, adding decorative flair through techniques like etching, sandblasting, or embellishments.

Quality Check

Our eagle-eyed QC team inspects each piece to ensure it meets our high standards for quality and perfection. Only the best of the best makes the cut!


Finally, we carefully package up these sustainable showstoppers so they arrive safe and sound, ready to wow in your living space

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