Sustainable gift guide

Sustainable gift guide

The holidays are approaching. We’re busy buying a brand new outfit, preparing an extensive dinner and on the hunt for gifts. But what if we could make the holidays a bit more sustainable? Discover the answer in our sustainable gift guide below.








Foodie or cooking addict? The PILO is an upcycled solution for your indoor garden. 





Scented candle



You can never go wrong with a scented candle. The IWAS candles are upcycled and organic. 





From army tent to backpack


Ready to explore? The Army backpack is the perfect travel companion. Sturdy, sustainable and waterproof. It’s 100% upcycled from old tires and army tents





Upcycled wallet

.I WAS a worn tyre, now I’m a solid wallet. Sturdy, yet stylish.



Toiletry bag

The perfect, sustainable gift for her. This toiletry bag carries all your essentials, wherever you go. 



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